If your like me, you will find yourself having to work on things around the house or on your vehicle. I had gotten tired of always trying to find the tools I needed for basic things in the mess I call my garage. When I started getting more active in doing as many of my own repairs on my vans as I could, I found the need for a good basic set of mechanics tools. Enter the 169 pc Channel Lock Mechanic's Tool Set. For about $60 you get a wide variety of tools that will get you through most basic repairs, in a sturdy carry case that makes them easy to toss in the van to take with you. I like the set so much I bought a second one to keep in my van.

Now, lets take a closer look at the tool set itself. First off you see that it comes with both metric and SAE box end wrenches, hex keys and socket sets. The ratchet drives come in 1/2, 3/8 and 1/4 and also come with extentions and adaptors. There is also a screwdriver with 40 interchangabe bits, two sparkplug sockets and a set of nut drivers to finish it all off.


The sockets come in three drive sizes and have both Metric and SAE sizes and should be able to cover almost any need except for extremes. The one drawback to this set is the lack of deep sockets. The second set I purchased (not pictured) does have deep sockets though. The sockets have a nice hard chrome finish and should stand up very well to every day use.

The socket wrenches have a very solid feel, a thumb lever for reversing direction and a push button release for the sockets.


The set of nut drivers is also Metric and SAE, covers a basic range of sizes and have 1/4" hex shafts that allow you to use them with the included screwdriver handle or in a drill chuck.


The set includes a basic set of hex wrenches that should cover most small jobs. Metric and SAE.


12 Box end wrenches are included in the set, 6 metric and 6 SAE. These also feature the same hard chrome finish and durability of the socket set.


With over 40 different bits to choose from, you should be able to cover most any task required where you would need a screwdriver. The handle itself has a nice size so its easy to handle and keep a grip on and lessen hand fatigue. The shaft is also magnatized so that the bits do not fall out randomly. The selection of bits include, phillips, slotted, torx, square, hex and two adaptors that will let you use the screwdriver handle with 1/4' sockets.

In conclusion, the $60 Channel Lock 169 pc Mechanics Tool Set gives you a lot of bang for the buck and should provide years of service. If your looking for a small easy to carry set of tools or you know someone that could use a set, take a good look at these as they would also make a great gift as well. As I noted above, there are different versions of this tool set available for around the same price with only slight differences in the tools included. You would just need to decide which sets features suited your needs better. With the variety and flexability this set provides, I can easily recommend this set to both experienced wrenchers and tool noobies as well.

~~~Dow Brewer~~~