Dog house removal - 1992 Astro Van
(also applies to 1991 - 1995 Astro and Safari Vans)

When doing any kind of engine work on an Astro/Safari van, one of the basic things that comes into play if you need to access the back of the engine is the removal of the doghouse. Here is a simple guide to help you with the process.

Tools needed.
1/4" ratchet with 3" extension
10mm and 7 mm sockets
3/8" or 1/2" socket with two long extensions
15mm socket.

All of the above tools I used came from my CHANNEL LOCK 169 PIECE MECHANIC'S TOOL SET

All right, lets get started.

First, if you are wondering what the "doghouse" is, it is commonly known as the engine cover. The first step will be to remove the cup holders and glove box.

Under the front of the glove box there are two 10mm nuts that hold the base of the assembly in place.

Use the 1/4" ratchet with the extension to easily remove these two nuts

Just under the dash on each side of the glove box there is a 7mm screw holding the assembly to the dash frame. once again use the 1/4" ratchet to remove these screws.

At this point you will need to carefully list the glove box from the bottom by pulling it out and then up to separate it from the dash frame. Be careful not to pull to hard. Once you have it loose, carefully disconnect the the plug for the cigarette lighter . Once that is done you can lift the glove box out of the way.

Next you will need to remove the heater vent tube. It lifts from the bottom and then slides out from the dash.

Next, release the clamps at the base of the engine cover.

Then lossen this brace on the upper right of the cover.

the nuts are 10mm so use the 1/4" ratchet.

You can completely remove the brace or simply swing it out of the way as shown below.

Next you will need the 15mm socket and the larger ratchet with the extensions. The extensions are needed to reach the bolts on either sode of the engine cover that secure it to the fire wall.

Loosen one side until the bolt spins freely. The bolts are attached to the cover and do not come all the way out.

Repeat for the second side. You may need a flashlight to see exactly where the bolts are.

Lift the bottom of the cover to break it loose from the chassis. Be VERY careful, there are sharp edges around the engine bay where the cover attaches.

Once you have the cover loose, slide it straight back towards the seats. (you may want to move the seats back as far as possible to have more room) Once you have it back, tilt the cover back so that the top clears the bottom of the dash and then lift the cover out.

Congratulations! You just removed the doghouse and have access to the back of the engine.

To reinstall the doghouse, simply reverse the process shown above. The most difficult pasrt is getting the cover seated properly when reinstalling. Take your time and work it in and it will fall into place. be carefull not to pinch any wires when putting the cover back. Once it is in place, reinstalling the rest is very simple.

I hope this was a help to some of you, if you have any questions or comments, please contact me on the ASV forums!

~~Dow Brewer~~